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  • Top 10 reasons why to switch to organic food products after a pandemic?

    Top 10 reasons why to switch to organic food products after a pandemic?

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    Top 10 reasons why to switch to organic food products after a pandemic:


    After the pandemic (Covid 19), the food habit of every individual has changed. Organic shops in Dubai have observed high demand for healthy foods. The pattern of people consuming food has changed considerably.

    Organic grocery in Dubai is topping the list each day. Haven't you switched to organic yet? Well! We got you the reasons. Today we have compiled the top 10 reasons why you should switch to natural & organic food post-pandemic. Scroll to read more:

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    1.Improves overall health:


    We all know that organic food is free from harmful chemicals/pesticides, which makes it harmless for human health.


    These products are processed via natural techniques such as green manures, crop rotations, natural fertilizers etc. Therefore, consuming organic food gives your body better nourishment and helps you to live a quality life. Visit any organic supermarket in Dubai & explore a healthy journey.


    1. Rich source of Antioxidant


    You must have heard that antioxidants play an important role in shaping your overall health. The chemical-free nature of organic food makes it  rich in antioxidants.

    It acts as the best immune booster and helps you to fend off heart disease, early aging, cognitive malfunction etc.


    1. Delicious Taste:


    Antioxidants present in natural food add to its flavor and aroma. Organic techniques for growing natural foods lead to better taste as compared to artificially grown foods. Pesticides present in artificial foods degrade the quality and taste of food.

    So, if you are planning to have tasty food, search for Organic shops in Dubai and enjoy your healthy, tasty  meal.


    1. Improves your immune system:



    Through industrial methods, farmers often use chemicals and pesticides to gain maximum yield and supply. These artificial methods increase the yield but the health of a consumer gets affected. These chemicals weaken your immune system. While as in organic food the percentage of harmful chemicals is null. These foods are blessed with vitamins and minerals. Consumption of organic foods makes your immune system stronger.


    1. Good to Environment:


    We all know how much the environment is degraded due to harmful chemicals and pesticides. In the production of organic food, there is no use of these chemicals which makes it environment friendly.

    Organic farming techniques do not cause any soil, water or land pollution. A better environment with good quality can be obtained if you switch to organic.

    We are sure the above-mentioned benefits may push you to buy organic. Organic grocery in Dubai can be tricky but proper research and recommendation can help.


    1. Be part of healthy Ecosystems:


    Organic farming techniques like crop rotation, weed management etc helps in keeping farms healthy and chemical-free procedure makes the ecosystem healthy. By switching to organic you can do your best in making the ecosystem healthy for yourself and future generations.


    1. Fruitful for Future Generations:


    In many cases, doctors have observed that newborns are exposed to many deleterious chemicals in utero. Studies show that these harmful chemicals and pesticides can be the reason for cancer & nerve breakdown. Don’t risk your future generation and eat natural and organic.


    1. Free from Genetically Modified Organisms:


    Nowadays Genetically Modified Food (GMF) and Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) are used by almost every food industry. These organisms impact your health and lead to unhealthy phases. Organic foods are free from GMOs. Eat natural and be healthy.


    9.Helps in weight management:


    Fresh organic products like fruits and vegetables help in weight management as the concentration of fiber and nutrients is high. Organic foods help to control appetite. So, change your lifestyle behavior and manage your weight.


    1. No Hormones, Antibiotics, and Drugs in animal products:


    Usage of growth hormones, drugs, food supplements, and high-grain diets by farmers is increasing every day. The main reason is to push the product rate. These Hormones, antibiotics and drugs enter your body and can prove to be a source of many diseases including infertility. While organic food is safe as it does not use Hormones, Antibiotics, and Drugs in animal products.


    This was it from our side. Hope this blog was informative. Visit any nearby Organic shops in Dubai and eat healthily.


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