Biomel Pure Natural dairy-free probiotic shot

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Biomel is the most delicious way to promote gut health.

Each shot of Biomel contains billions of live active cultures, Vitamin B6, D and Calcium, proven to support the normal function of the digestive and immune systems.

Our cultures are 10 times stronger than yoghurt and kefir cultures and have been designed to thrive where others cannot. Our cultures remain dormant through transit to your gut, where they become active, quickly multiply and out-compete the bad bacteria.  This helps the good bacteria in your gut thrive!

Biomel is 100% plant-based, made from natural ingredients, free from gluten, soy, GM, dairy and lactose. Our Natural is also free from added sugar.

Enjoy Biomel daily, as part of a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet. Natural Biomel is perfect for topping granola and cereals in the morning, or as a guilt-free afternoon snack.

Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans.