BiOrganic Bakery

Baking is an art at BiOrganic bakery. As you stroll down the aisles in our store, time literally stops as the aroma of freshly baked bread envelopes you.

Our very own talented bakers specialize in baking breads from all around the world. Our breads, bagels, pretzels, gluten- free loafs, croissants and much more are all infused with love and skill using the finest organic ingredients to give you the best. We carry a wide range of quinoa, spelt, kamut, rye, and wheat breads combined with the healthiest seeds such as flax, sesame, sunflower and amaranth that help boost metabolism and provide bursts of energy.

The bagel or baguette that lands in your trolley is fresh out of the oven. If you are looking for the finest fresh bread that’s good for you and your family, then BiOrganic bakery breads ought to be your choice.

There is more from our bakery you may find hard to resist, freshly baked cakes, cookies and sweet delights in all sorts of flavors and shapes. Since our focus at BiOrganic is to provide you with organic and healthy food that is good for you, you can satisfy your sweet craving and feel no guilt at all.


Once upon a time a visit to the meat market down the street was an exciting adventure!

The butcher was our best friend, you would tell him what you were cooking and he would give you the perfect cut. At BiOrganic we go back in time… Our extremely knowledgeable Butcher will tell you stories about each meat cut. He will keep you there for a while talking about the special meal you are going to prepare at home. Our healthy wholesome cuts include Bio Dynamic Beef, Organic Poultry, Organic Turkey, Bio Dynamic Lamb, Organic Veal, Beef Bones, Beef Eye, Fillet Tenderloin, Beef Liver, Beef Strips and Camel Meat on order.

Our skilled butcher is ready to season and spice, on the spot, any meat cut you desire, giving you a hand in offering the best for your family and guests.

BiOrganic Creamery

A bounty of Fresh Milk and Yogurt and an incredible variety of organic cheeses in different flavors, textures and styles will not disappoint you. We embarked on a hunt around the world to source some of the finest organic dairy products including Camel dairy products.

BiOrganic Fruits and Vegetables

Our produce is a sight to behold. It’s the first thing you see when you come into one of our stores: a visual feast of color, variety and sparkling freshness piled high for your pleasure and convenience. We are committed to offering organic produce that is free of pesticides because we believe organic farming supports a healthy environment.

Fresh fruits and vegetables packed with vitamins and minerals, grown without the use of long-lasting chemicals will always have prominence on our shelves. Immerse yourself with nature’s flavourful medley of juicy fruits and crunchy vegetables fresh from the farms and fields at BiOrganic.

BiOrganic Grains

Our silos are rich with grains that are sourced from the four corners of the world. Our main focus is on a few that are packed with important vitamins minerals and other nutrients that provide a broad array of health benefits as well as varied preparation options. We have an incomparable assortment of Rice (White and Brown, Basmati, Jasmine, Red Camargue, Black, Wild, Parboiled) Pastas (Spelt, Kamut, Buckwheat, Maize, Rice) as well as an Organic handcrafted Italian Pasta range, Couscous (Wheat, Rice, Spelt, Kamut). If you are looking for new healthy options, check out the Kamut, Spelt, Millet, Flax or Chia seeds section and send yourself some recipes using one of our interactive screens!

BiOrganic Grocery

Our grocery aisles are filled with an array of brands you can trust. Shopping list in hand, a stroll down the aisle will be like no other. With affordable prices all you’ve got to do is make a choice. We have it all! Truly a one-stop-shop for all you needs from Cereals, Snacks, Beverages, Condiments and the finest and purest Specialty Oils to everything else that is good for you.

Kids Section

With an aim to develop healthy eating habits that last a lifetime, our kids section is stocked with a wide range of tasty, natural, healthy, 100% organic food. Our baby range includes a delicious variety of baby foods bursting with flavour & natural goodness, suitable for every stage of your baby’s development and all meal times. A wide range of Porridges (Millet, Spelt and Rice), healthy ready to eat range and healthy wholesome snack items for your kid’s school lunch box second to none is guaranteed to be handy for moms and dads and fun for the little ones.